A lush green thriving lawn, garden, and entire landscape can have several benefits for homeowners, including environmental health and outstanding curb appeal. It is possible to achieve this for any home, despite season changes and lack of landscaping time. Having a sprinkler system is an answer to that dream lawn. When working efficiently, watering can occur at scheduled times and for the entirety of the landscape. When it is not working it is time to consider sprinkler repair in Irving. H2O works with clients to ensure that their Irving Tx lawn is not a nuisance but a homeowner’s dream!

In this article, you will read about 6 warning signs that a sprinkler system is in need of repair. Some issues can be easily resolved at home, while others take intensive service and repair. From dry spots to pooling, mildew to bubbling, sputtering, misting, and high water bills, contacting a licensed professional can save you time, money, headache, and the lawn you’ve been working hard for.


  • Sprinkler Heads Sputtering
  • Higher Water Bill
  • Standing Water or Dry Patches
  • Change in Water Pressure
  • Dripping Control Valves
  • Unusual Water Activity
  • Seeking Out Professional Sprinkler Repair Irving

Sprinkler Heads Sputtering

There are several factors that could cause sprinkler heads to sputter or to completely stop working. Sprinkler heads can sputter when they are filled with debris, such as leaves, dirt, and rocks. Sprinkler heads can crack from old age if it’s an older system. Other common incidents that can cause damage include, being stepped on, and driven over by a car or mower. Another possible cause of sputtering could be a broken valve. It is important to contact a professional when sputtering or lack of water output begins because they can determine if the issue is broken sprinkler heads, an issue with a valve, or if a routine sprinkler head cleaning is needed.

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Higher Water Bill

Change of season can always incite more or less water usage. But what if the seasons haven’t changed? A rise in the cost of water can be concerning, especially when no adjustments were made to a sprinkler system or watering schedule. This can be due to an irrigation system leak or a stuck sprinkler valve. It is imperative to contact an irrigation system professional to determine the cause of the water spike. Repairing in a timely manner can help homeowners to avoid continuous high water bills.

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Standing Water or Dry Patches

Standing, or pooling water, on a lawn, road, driveway, or garden can cause an increase in water bills and even a splendid invitation to unwanted pests. On the opposite end of the spectrum, dry grass patches can become unsightly and reduce a home’s curb appeal. Overwatering or underwatering can be due to a watering schedule not based on the lawn’s needs, having the wrong sprinkler system installed, lack of maintenance of a sprinkler system, a leak in irrigation pipes, damaged sprinklers, and more. To determine if sprinkler system tune-ups or repair services are in order, contact a residential sprinkler repair professional. They can assess the situation and get sprinkler systems up and running efficiently again.

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Changes In Water Pressure

Noticing excessive fogging or misting at several sprinklers? Sprinkler heads not popping up or water not reaching where it needs to? These are indications of pressure in the sprinkler system that is too high or too low. This can lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the system, damage to the sprinkler system, and over or under-watering of a residential landscape. The cause of low pressure could be valves on the backflow preventer device not being open all the way. For excessive pressure, a pressure regulator or special zone control valves may need to be checked, replaced, or installed. Contacting a professional quickly can reduce the possibility of damage to an irrigation system, and reduce over/under watering.

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Dripping Control Valves

While a lawn or garden should be lush from watering, pressure regulators and filters should be bone dry. Having damp spots near them indicates that there is leaking or dripping from valves in the sprinkler system. Other indications include mildew, bubbling, and debris. Valves are what direct water to each region of a yard. If these are damp, sprinkler repair services are necessary for water to be properly delivered all throughout the residential landscape.

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Unusual Water Activity

There are several indications of a broken pipe or leak in an irrigation system. Several are easy to notice: visible damage, low water pressure, wet area, and high water bills. Other maybe not-so-noticeable indications are a dry landscape, and bubbling water. While this may be alarming, broken pipes can be repaired. Contacting a local Irving sprinkler repair expert can limit further damage, costly repairs, higher water bills, and issues with dry or over-watered landscapes.

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Seeking Out Professional Sprinkler Repair Irving

When considering irrigation services in Irving Tx, great customer service should go hand in hand with quality service, knowledge, and experience. Our irrigation technicians are ready and waiting to complete an onsite assessment of the existing system and provide solutions to get your system back up and running efficiently. We strive to build relationships with our clients based on honesty and trust. We provide sprinkler repairs, sprinkler valve repair, sprinkler head repair (broken heads, clogged sprinklers), and sprinkler pipe repairs (broken pipes, leaking pipes), We offer one-year service warranties to ensure that our customers receive the best service we can provide for their irrigation needs. If you are in need of a sprinkler system check, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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